Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life Update - Big Family News! (paca)

1) N heads off to Kauai for a single today tomorrow (Wednesday) and will return Thursday morning. It would be nice to believe that she will be lounging around the Garden Isle, but, alas, it's work.

2) The semester started yesterday, so we are off and running again. I am using course credit to be a teaching assistant for phonetics, and then taking one other course on the history of my field. It's a really light load, which is intentional so that I can get this dissertation thing cranked up.

3) OK, the big news. My sister, who has commented here several times usually under the name C or court, has gotten engaged. I have never met her fiancé, but I spoke to him on the phone, and he came across as a nice fellow. That's enough for me, so I approve. She also was accepted to a year long pastries program at a culinary school in Austin. So, IF they can make the money work, they will be moving down there near the end of the year. New job and future husband all in a couple weeks. Not bad. (I believe the fiancé news is a secret for now from one family member (for surprise reasons), however that family member has never to my knowledge looked at my blog in three years, and so I think this is safe. If you disagree, sis, yell. It's just an edit away.)


Mamaebeth said...

my sister lives in austin too! maybe one day we can all rendez-vous there.

Ello said...

Oi! You had me at 'Ello!

Love my link name, may even be tempted to comment like that from now on and see how well you can decipher. Or I'll do the cockney thing and just drop all my H's.

Have successfully linked your new/old blog as my favorite. But will still be reading the old stuff at the other blog. My classes start next week. Am still feverishly working on my syllabi and assignments. avin' a lot of un.

katze said...

Yay for C! Congratulations to her!

Courtney said...

thanks bro!!!!! i didn't realize u had linked to this and just so u know, dad does know, galen wanted a chance to ask him for permission and such. so everyone one may know and today i gave my notice to work on when my last day will be. dec. 15th!!! so, yep!!

love court,

ps, i hope u can meet him beofre the wedding, o and as of now the wedding date is march 7th, 2009

Mamaebeth said...

Phillip would like to let you (Paca and Court) know that he is available to photograph out of town weddings.

In fact he insisted that i inform you of this and has been asking me for 3 days if i did it yet.