Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bah humbug

I just spent forty-five minutes writing this long post about a hike I did a month or so ago with pictures of magnificent vistas. Then I published it and discovered that all the pics are just thumbnails.


So it's sitting as a draft now until I have time to replace them all with at least palm size photos.

In its stead, you get this picture of a quesadilla from a few weeks back.

And we also bought too many bananas at Costco a few weeks back, so we experimented with making frozen chocolate covered bananas; some just choc, some with walnuts, some with coconut. The extras help the chocolate stay on the banana when in the freezer.


bunnygirl said...

Several-weeks-old quesadilla? Why do I come here?

At least MY blog features CUTENESS!

So there. :-p

Church Lady said...