Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Crazy first spouse (paca)

So, imagine you are President. And I do think the odds are quite high that at least two of my readers will be President one day, so when you are, hook me up with some sweet government contracts, no-bid. Thanks.

Now, let's say your spouse, well, he or she goes crazy. I don't mean actually insane with real mental health issues. I mean they just start spouting off crazy stuff. Stuff that people post to blogs at 1:00 AM when they're half-drunk, or even worse, crazy stuff that I'd post to this blog at 10:00 AM when I'm fully functioning. They start offending other nations, making up foreign policy initiatives, doing Maxim layouts, and telling that story about you and the water hose when you were in college, .... Now, if the spouse was anyone else in the whole government, you'd just fire them and say they don't speak for you. But the First Spouse isn't in the government and can't be fired. Would it ever be right to divorce them for the greater good?

No, this question has no purpose. I'm just wonderin'.


Sammy Jankis said...

This very issue is dealt with in the fifth season of the TV show "24". The First Lady is bat-sh!t insane and entirely too much of the season focused on them trying to keep her quiet and out of the media. It did not make for engaging television.

Ello said...

I guess the secret service guys could always make sure to slip some meds in her coffee so that she becomes a Nancy Reagan clone.