Thursday, September 27, 2007

Inscrutable amazing beings that we are

The story of Tania Head, former President of the World Trade Center's Survival Network. Yes, I condemn her deeds if they are indeed based on lies, but mostly it just leaves you shaking your head. We all like to choose new identities for ourselves, no matter the cost.

This definitely is novel-idea fodder, not just a story like this, but people choosing to inhabit worlds they do not belong to, I guess, to become important again.


Anonymous said...

It's really nuts that she would try with lies that could be so easily verified.

I agree, though, that there are some nifty novel threads there. I've had an idea floating around in my head recently about an inmate who is up for parole; he gets denied in the parole hearing, but then is erroneously released anyway. He is trying to straighten up his act, so he tries to convince the authorities that he has been released by mistake, and wouldn't they please let him back in? They insist that there is no mistake, and that he has to leave. I see it more as a comedy of errors narrative, somewhat akin to "Confederacy of Dunces," as he tries to get back into prison, while trying to scratch a living on the outside, all the while trying not to bring attention to his situation, lest he get into even more trouble when they identify him as an escaped prisoner. I can't seem to get any time to flesh it out and put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), but I like the snippets of your writing I've seen; if this sounds nifty or inspiring, feel free to take whatever tidbits you might like.


Llama's pal, Tony

Ello said...

That was a weird story to read yesterday! And yet completely believable. REmember all those people who were trying to scam the foundations for money by claiming they lost loved ones? It looks like this woman wasn't in it for the money but for fame and sympathy? I think she must have psychological issues - So Paca, when you are done with your thesis, which of all of these great ideas will you finally tackle for your book? Inquiring minds want to know!!!