Saturday, September 08, 2007

Really? Popemobile?

I just saw this sentence in an AP news article about Pope Benedict:

"The pope, who had arrived in Mariazell from Vienna by car instead of by helicopter due to the weather, waved to the crowd through the windows of the Popemobile as he made his way to the centuries-old white and pink basilica in Mariazell."

Now, I've heard people call it the popemobile before in casual conversation, but, well, is it really called the Popemobile, such that the AP uses the term? I always just thought it was, like, a fake term. So, really? It is the Popemobile? Does it have rockets on it? Or perhaps it can send sprays of holy water at its enemies.

I'm sorry, because I shouldn't, but I'm definitely having images of the Frocked Crusader taking out demons, vampires, and covetors right now. "Holy Satan Spawn, Pope Man!" BAM! ZAP! IN EXCELSIS DEUS! I guess the Pope's sidekick's name is clear at least. Cardinal.

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December/Stacia said...

That is funny. I'm with you, I always thought Popemobile was a comedic slang term! Didn't it originate with Father Guido Sarducci?