Monday, September 24, 2007

Rebel Paca

I, and 20,000 other university people, just got an email from our vice chancellor that a certain section of campus has been rented out for "a private function" on Saturday and Sunday. Apparently, "Individuals not authorized to be in the area will be asked to leave." It then proceeds to tell us how, for our safety, we will not be allowed to use such and such gates, such and such roads, such and such parking lots, and even details the individual staircases that we may not use. All for a mysterious "private function."

Now, I had no plans to go anywhere near this area of campus this weekend, but, suddenly, I do. What could they possibly have going on that doesn't allow a student to walk to their dorm for two days straight? (They've arranged a special shuttle to transport the trapped students.) If this is anyone less important than the Vice-President, I'm going to be disappointed. I gotta crash this party.


Anonymous said...

It may be the 17th annual International Tropical Fruit Conference. muffytrue

December/Stacia said...

Yeah, I'd be pretty damn pissed if I paid for a dorm room and got shunted out of it for two days like that. Sit-in! Sit-in!

Nicole Kelly said...

Bah, now I am totally curious. I am going to wonder all day now.

Ello said...

Maybe Ahmadinejead is coming over for some R and R after his Columbia fiasco.

pacatrue said...

I followed up Muffytrue's research about the 17th fruit conference. It seems that this is taking place over in Hilo, Hawaii, which is the Big Isle. So it's not their fault.

The area being closed is basically the athletic complex, so I browsed their events. The only home stands listed are some swim meets.

It does pique the curiosity, no? If it was just a party, they would close it for an evening, you would think. This is a full two days. My best guess is that we've rented some facilities to a professional sports team; maybe the Lakers are doing a retreat/camp or something.

If I ever find out, I will let you know.

Church Lady said... to the cafeteria workers. They know lots of stuff.
And don't forget your camera! or cell phone...