Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Secret Event - REVEALED!!

I feel like Robert Stack here.

A couple posts down I detailed how a large chunk of the university campus will be closed for a private function this weekend and how they even told us which staircases not to use.

It turns out that it isn't the VP or higher who needs such privacy, it's...

drumroll please...


Yes, Aerosmith.

Specifically, Toyota is having it's dealers' convention in town and they have hired Aerosmith to do a private concert in the stadium. As a result, NO CAMPUS FOR YOU, to paraphrase the soup nazi.

Back in my old corporate life, we used to have an annual convention with entertainment, but the only thing I can remember right now is the Opryland amusement park opening for us. That was fun. I didn't know that for a few (hundred thousand) bucks more, we could have gotten Aerosmith.

So there you go. You didn't haggle enough when buying your Camry, because Toyota's got enough money for Aerosmith. Here's the news article if you wish to follow more.


Ello said...

I love Aerosmith! That's pretty cool...although if I were a student I'd still be pissed, unless I got to go!

Nicole Kelly said...

Really? All of that for Aerosmith? Wow! I was hoping for someone really cool. On that note, Aerosmith was the first major concert I ever attended. I was 13, and I went with my dad. It was pretty fun, really.

December/Stacia said...

So, wait...Aerosmith doesn't want college girls around?