Friday, September 07, 2007

Smoochie, I'll eat anything

I was reviewing the goatskin pants blog and I noticed that I promised to explain the saying, "Smoochie, I'll eat anything!" so here I am to do so.

Smoochie was my paternal grandmother.

Um, okay, I was writing this up, but in doing a little research on the topic, I discovered I've actually told this same story not all that long ago. Yes, indeed, this is disturbing as I was going to tell the story of this saying as an example of someone repeating the same story, and it turns out that I am currently repeating the same story. If you read the descriptions of my personality type last week, you may have noticed the term "absent-minded" in it. Speaking of which, I wasn't a great waiter back in the day. Guess why.

Here's the Smoochie story.

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