Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Speaking of crazy

I've gone and done it. I signed up to give a Tuesday Seminar. This is a seminar that happens... guess when... on Tuesday, and the whole department is supposed to attend, though they often don't. I've given a Tuesday seminar before; that's not the crazy part. No, I chose to sign up for two Tuesdays from now, which it appears will be the first seminar of the entire year. People might not be completely cynical yet and actually attend. Moreover, the topic is that nativism in language one I've mentioned before, which people love to debate and get super-excited about. The last time they hosted a debate on the topic, it was Standing Room Only. People from other departments even care about that. We've got some die-hard nativists in Second Language Studies.

Now, I'm safe to some degree. I'm going to discuss Aristotle for a bit. Nobody outside of a philosophy department gets passionate about Aristotle. But I've done other crazy things to make up for that safe part. I've invented an entirely new theory of language comprehension. I've invented an entirely new way to interpret pronouns.

Disaster in the making.

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