Friday, September 21, 2007

tiny language question

So, two sentences...

"He has a fruitcake."

"He does have a fruitcake."

What's the difference? I don't know, though I am sure I should.

The second seems more emphatic somehow, like you are correcting someone....


Mamaebeth said...

i agree that with "does" it sounds more emphatic.

J said...

With "does" it sounds to me like a question (or a mystery) is being answered (or solved).

Church Lady said...

Hey, where's **MY** link?

And if I link you, which I will when my eyes stop drooping closed, it's gonna be either Fruitcake or Horndog. Or some combination thereof.

Now the question:
Second sentence seems to alleviate someone else's doubt.

e.g. "Tommy forgot the fruitcake. He does this every Christmas, dammit. He hates fruitcake, so he volunteers to bring it just to leave it at home."

Horndog points at Tommy and says, "He does have a fruitcake."

The first sentence is more like what he has among a list of choices.

"Does Tommy have cookies or fruitcake?"

"He has a fruitcake."

That's my interpretation.

Boy, I'm tired. I just discovered Ello's blog and now yours.

pacatrue said...

Huh. I make one little bitty post about women in tiny lingerie and I get tagged for life. Why not LogicMan?!
Hm. a link, eh? I don't know; you frighten me.

pacatrue said...

How about fruity horncake?

Ello said...

How about "He is a fruitcake." That's much more emphatic than the other two. Oh wait, there was a "have" in there? I though it said He does a fruitcake. Sorry, my bad.

But I'm liking fruity horndog. Although technically it should be fruity hornllama.