Monday, October 08, 2007

More pictures

Since my newcomers seems to have enjoyed pictures, I'm going to link to a few other posts I have done that include stunning visuals. It's like new blog content and yet not!

This is B and I getting ready to go up Makapu'u Point and acting really excited about the endeavor.

Here is me with family and friends now three years ago, just a couple weeks after I started the program here. These are all linguistics students except for the family. Can you guess which one is me?

The family at B's Halloween party last October.

And me a couple years back with my students at summer school. The school's market was local Korean-American families as well as some families from Korea. This made certain parts of teaching really difficult, particularly the English class. One half of the class actually from Korea were all second language students with limited English skills (though far surpassing my second language skills, so this is no knock against them) and the other half were local kids whose parents spoke Korean, but their first language was naturally English. (I think some of them could understand Korean language, but did not speak it themselves even among friends; something that is really common among heritage speakers of all sorts. In fact, the local kids had to be reined in for jumping on the Korean ones as FOBs... well, it's an interesting cultural dynamic that I will go into another time. Actually, if you are interested in these topics, here is an academic article (from the journal I edit) about college-age Korean-Americans trying to practice Korean through one of the biggest Korean social-networking site, Cyworld (kind of like MySpace in Korean). As is normal, people find a way to attack you socially no matter what you do. If you are too Korean, you're fobby, and if you are too American, you get jumped on as well. Really frustrating, actually, how people always want to tear others down.... And it brings up how troubling that word "American" is as cultural term.... another day.)


Robin S. said...

More pictures- how did you know that's what we wanted?

AND- N. exists! Say hi to her from me, will you? I have two teenaged daughters now - seeing you all with B. was neat - Halloween costumes - the whole bit. That's such a fun time, when they're little like that.

Now we need a post on what you wanna do with your linguistics background, knowledge of the Korean language, etc.

Ello said...

It was so nice to see the family! You have a lovely family.