Sunday, October 07, 2007

Life snapshots

Here's some old info about me for people who've been with the blog less than a year. This is the autobiography I wrote up a couple years ago as a way to put off substantive work. (Kind of like now in which there is a pile of article about statistical learning in infants in front of me that I am decidedly not touching so that I can write this blog entry.)

Autobio - it somehow seemed to turn into my reflection on failures of romance in high school, but whatever.

And here you can see pictures from about 1989 or something until 2006 or something and covers me from about the age of 15 until 33. When you read the autobio and then see the picture of the cute kid next to the truck, how did I not have a girlfriend in all of high school? Befuddles the mind. ;)

What made me think of all these pictures is that I was exploring Google Maps this morning.

I think with this link, you can see the rough area of my neighborhood growing up. If you can see the concrete highway that is white near the middle part of the satellite image and then there are three homes and a thin rectangular field just below it. When I was growing up those homes were not there and it was just a soybean field. I grew up next to the field in the trees. If anyone actually takes the time to drill in, there's a home with a pool. We had no pool and my father sold the house a few years ago.

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And here's the famous boarding school I attended from 8th to 12 grade in central New Jersey.

And here's the college up in Minnesota. It's good to get around, you know. I remember in high school trying to narrow down my colleges and I decided to rule out the good Maine schools because it would be too cold. And so I went to Minnesota!

But, despite my climate stupidity, I was under no illusions before deciding to attend. On the way to visit, we missed our appointment because our plane was 5 hours late due to snow in the MPLS area and the school had closed for a 6 week winter break starting immediately. A security guard student showed me around in the snow the next day. I did get to experience traying (sledding on cafateria trays) at -70 wind chill one winter night. Yes, -70.

For the record, this is what I remember wearing before going out: long underwear, underwear, cottong socks, wool socks on top of those, boots, jeans, t-shirt on top of long underwear shirt, button down shirt on that, sweat shirt on that, coat on that, neck warmer, cotton ski mask with the three holes, a wool hat, thin gloves, mitts on the gloves. And then you run up and down a hill over and over. It works; N and I were quite toasty in all that.


Robin S. said...

Hey paca,

This was really fun to look through and read. The pictures were fun- thanks for sharing them!

I've only been doing this blogging stuff since the first of this year. It's odd to get the feeling you're getting to know people, never having physically met them, although I have to say, turning that idea on its head, that there are people I see several days a week in my profession, that I don't know at all.

Also, you mentioned- "In 2002, I started applying to grad schools in linguistics, cognitive science, and philosophy. (This is more consistent than it sounds; ask if you wanna know.)" I think I can see the connection between cognitive science and linguistics -but I'd like to understand the philosophy connection, if you have time.

Church Lady said...

Thanks for sharing all that information. It's really nice to get to know people on the blogosphere!
Some of your girl/dating stuff was so cute and endearing, I wanted to give your cheeks a big ol' squeeze!

Very cute baby!

pacatrue said...

Hi Robin, sure. There are some sub-fields of philosophy called philosophy of language and philosophy of mind which try to deal with the same topics as linguistics and cognitive science but usually at a more abstract or argumentative level. They essentially take the data from the other fields and see what they can learn by reasoning over it. And I'm glad you liked the pictures!

Churkoda, I thought you were calling me a cute baby at first. He was pretty cute. Now, he's four and a half. Still cute, I'm sure.

Ello said...

Hey Paca - It's so funny that the 3 East coasters are all commenting first here! And even smaller world that the three of us all live near each other.

It is cool to see pictures of you and your beautiful baby. You don't look like a cognitive science linguist! (I don't know what they look like - coke bottle glasses geekoid?)You look like a cool young dad! Great posts!

pacatrue said...

I think, ello, it's just that the three of you are the most regular commenters nowadays. I'm old hat to most everyone else now. The good news is that I had the three of you in mind when I reposted these.

Ello said I'm cool!

Robin S. said...

Hey paca,

Thanks for the background on the linguistics/philospohy relationship.

Yeah, paca- CL, ello and I have found out we all live within 30-45 minutes of each other, and, remember from EE's blog, CL and I met for lunch a few weeks ago - so the three of us are gonna get together in 3 or 4 weeks.

I saw on your bio info that you have relatives in Virginia. If you're over this way again- let us know, please!

And thanks for posting this with us in mind - that was really sweet!

pacatrue said...

Hi, robin s. My mother and step-dad live over on the eastern shore of VA for about 1/3 of the year. So, you never know....