Thursday, October 18, 2007

Family Visit

So my mom and step-dad just arrived from the Eastern Shore of Virginia today. They spend 2/3 of their time in Morocco and 1/3 in Va. I haven't seen them for almost four years, so we will be hanging out. I don't know what this will mean about blogging for the week they are here, but if I disappear, that's why.



SzélsőFa said...

Have a happy family reunion, Paca!
Browsing through some recent archives, I left a comment here:

Church Lady said...

Have a nice time with your family! Take lots of photos and eat lots of gumbo!!

Ello said...

Have a great time with the family! And they happen to live near Church, Robin and me! Give them a big east coast hello for us!

Robin S. said...

Hi -

Hope you all are having fun! And, as ello said - we're all neighbors over here.