Thursday, October 25, 2007

Korean Week 3 - Korean Madness

Many of you may have seen this video before. Not only have I linked to it, albeit a couple years ago, it was also once one of the most watched videos on YouTube.

I don't really know what's going on, but it appears to be a show where normal people come into the TV studio / karaoke studio and make immense fun of popular songs at the time. I found a very useful comment on YouTube which pretended to know the deal. In some way, the celebrities in the studio had to compete with the normal people to do the funniest video. Our two girls below always won whenever they were on.

Here the two girls still in their school uniforms are making fun of the song "Emotion" by You Chae-Young. I think the one girl who is slightly leaner with the bad voice is a really gifted physical comedian/enne. Here you go:

Still makes me smile after watching it about 30 times. And below is the original music video from star Yu Chae-Young.

I, um, do appreciate the skirts they chose to wear here.

There are several more videos with the same two girls on YouTube. Just search for "Korean Madness".

What I also found really cool was the number of copies of the original Korean Madness done by people all over the world.

Here we have what looks like a 10 year old girl and her big brother.
A bride and groom dancing to it at their wedding reception with the video playing with them. (Somehow I wish those two were my friends.)
Two guys dancing away in Mexico.
Here someone took time to do a sims avatar version of the video.

And it goes on and on:
Turkish Madness
Spanish Madness
Self-Labeled Latin Madness
Chinese Madness
Katalan madness
French Madness

I think a certain reader of this blog might need to get to work so that we can soon see a Hungarian Madness.

Maybe I'm a sap, but I find the whole phenomenon rather heart-warming.

Finally, if you've made it this far, I found this video where someone did "misheard lyrics" to the original Emotion song. This tune traveled all around the world to people who don't speak Korean, just like myself. And so what if you thought the song was in English? Well, these lyrics might be what you heard. Somehow when seeing them on the screen, they seem to fit. It truly sent me into total hysterics. I don't know why it's funny, but to me and N, it just is. It soooo is.

Quoting from the video: "You question my muscle? Dan said, "no, they ckicken my hairdo. What colour's your poo?!" WTF?!


SzélsőFa said...

You're right: these types of self made vidoes are funny and seeing totally strange people making themselves totally ridiculous has a certain charm. But you'll never see me making the Hungarian version of this very music, I don't like it. Perhaps, you'll see me doing some other fun video, sometime.
I'll surely let you know!

moonrat said...

all this makes me want to learn korean ;)

of course you can't forget the moldovan madness with dragostea din tei. although i think the real video itself is wilder than any of the parodies.