Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Possibly the worst food ever

I am copying this from J's blog.

Someone found old weightwatcher's recipe cards from 1974, and, wow, does this look like the worst food ever to exist or not? It's certainly in the running. Makes me want to go find some haggis or delightful pig parts from that train in China.

Here they are. Click on one of the pictures and read her hilarious text. I can't wait to drink the Jellied Tomato Refreshers from a brandy glass! These people were obsessed with gelatin! When it's not even part of the food, such as for the Snappy Mackeral Casserole, they add glasses of jello to the picture just to remind us of its yummy deliciousness.


SzélsőFa said...

I have seen this earlier, but nevertheless, it is fun to return to. The text is hilarious.

Except when the writer goes: 'I don't know what sashlik is', with that being said, s/he goes further by implying that s/he does not know what 'caucasian' is...well, those were a bit sad for me, but the whole thing is a show, and the accompanying text is as I said, apart from this mistake is totally funny.

I don't think haggis can be very bad, tough....

pacatrue said...

I mentioned this stuff to my mother at dinner tonight and she confirmed that her own mother was also a conniseur of gelatin, adding it to many a dish.

SzélsőFa said...

oh, my.
Gelatine should not even come close to food.
Some people are obsessed with it, I suppose.
But haggis is good.