Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quick Hits 1066

1) I know nothing about steampunk as a genre of anything, but Agent Kelly linked to the Steampunk Workshop and it's cool. (I think steampunk has to do with blending technology and late 19th century stuff. Yes, I know there is wikipedia and I'll look it up right after I type the wrong thing here on my blog.) Particularly take a look at how he transforms his computer monitor into the world of rubbed brass, steam engines, and levers.

2) NHL season again. The Nashville Predators have won their first game, so only 82,964 left to go. They will have a hard time winning as many games this year as last year, since they've lost Paul Kariya, Peter Forsberg, Vokoun, and Hartnell. If you don't know who Kariya and Forsberg are, then you've already wandered to the next items because hockey bores you to tears. They also have to deal with not knowing whether they will be the Nashville Predators next year, or the Kansas City ones.

3) I'm working heartily on my paper on Korean apology use again, now that the annoying journal job thing is out of the way, meaning it's back to the normal workload. It's interesting, but there's just so much theory to read and process. I don't know if literature reviews further research much, but they certainly help keep linguists confined to their own little sub-fields. To move into a new territory, you have to review some 22 books and 89 papers. Why do that when you can just keep doing the same thing over and over so that all you have to do is stay current?

4) Leonard Nimoy directed the movie Three Men and a Baby. Who knew that?


Church Lady said...

So I'm just now cathcing on that you're a linguist. Cool, dude.

When I was in graduate school, I had a job working at the English Language Center--it taught teachers how to teach English to foreign students.
It was a riot. Grown-up students are sillier and more juvenile than 'kid' students. I saw crying jags, yelling, groups laughing hysterically, etc. Very fun job.

Robin S. said...

Really? Leonard Nimoy? Are you teasing?

pacatrue said...

I'm not at all teasing. I was just as surprised. He did not, however, direct Three Men and a Sequel, whatever it was called.

Ello said...

I absolutely love the randomness of number 3. Ha! you crack me up.

writtenwyrdd said...

That dude you linked to has some serious Steam Punk addiction. Looks really cool, though.

If you want to see steam punk as a genre, I think the anime steam punk is the best. Castle in the Sky is a good example. Your kids will love it and you probably will too.

moonrat said...

ooo, korean apology? is it more complicated than japanese apology?

pacatrue said...

Welcome in, moonrat. Never studied Japanese apology, so I can't really say, but I would guess, yes. To use apologies correctly, you've got to know the 5 or so main words, know when to use each one, and then, like Japanese, know how to put them in different honorific verb forms. Then there are all these parameters having to do with age, gender, social status, and relationship that you have to know in order to say the right thing.

English doesn't have honorifics, but it's got some parameters, too, such as when to "apologize" vs. "say sorry" vs. "excuse me". And of course you've got to say it the right way. If you bump into the Prez, you can't go, "well, excuuuuuusse me!" Well, with this Prez, maybe you can. Or should.