Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random Facts

1) I am an adult who still enjoys drinking a big glass of milk almost every day. I also like bologna. I just went to the fridge and ate a piece of bologna as a snack.

2) I've been to 46 states. The ones I've missed are Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Nebraska. I've taken the train from Jersey to DC, which stops in Wilmington, DE, but since I didn't even get off, I don't count it.

3) I remember the exact moment that puberty hit. 7th grade. Jan. Jan had always kind of irritated me, as much as I get irritated. At least, we could squabble. Then one day I looked at her in class and my stomach got all queasy and, suddenly, this girl thing was completely different than it had been before. I would have been... 11 years old.

4) One of my earliest memories is related to preschool. I realized I had taken a red tractor home from preschool (Temple Baptist if the memory serves), which I knew was wrong. Therefore I hid it in my closet so no one would ever find it and never took it back. It was still there when I moved my stuff for boarding school at least 10 years later.

5) I'm one of those people who will walk across campus reading a book as I walk.

6) Arguably my favorite movie remains Airplane. Surely/Shirley, you can't be serious!

7) If I wake up at 4:00 AM for some random reason, I will wander over here and check my email before going back to bed.

8) Very possibly the very first thing I ever wrote that someone else read was a short one-act play called Sex!Sex!Sex! It had nothing to do with sex, but it was my sense of humor at the time. My boarding school did a program called Power Plays in which all the plays were student-written, student-directed, and student-acted. I've lost the play and I don't remember what happened. The only thing I do remember was that an actor was supposed to recite the first few lines of either Hells Bells or Back in Black in a posh British accent:

Back in Black,
Hit the sack.
Don't you know I'm glad to be back.
I was cut loose
From the noose
that kept me hanging around.

It would be cool to find that in a box one day and see what the play was.

9) Virtually every single other thing I wrote from the age of 12 to 16 related to that weird queasy feeling mentioned in item 3 and the title of the play in item 8.

10) The hardest part about being a father when B was an infant is that I could no longer control my own sleep patterns. It seemed like such a basic part of being human, and yet this little baby was in charge of when I slept. This was a harder adjustment for me than anything else I remember.


bunnygirl said...

Oh, silly Paca! How did you manage to miss Rhode Island? All it takes is one missed turn in Massachusetts and you're there! LOL!

Robin S. said...

It's actually something of a relief to know you have a bologna and milk thing (but you do about what's IN bologna, right? Ewwww, baby, ewwww.) I guess the mile washes it clean away, so to speak.

The puberty bit was a scream. I 'm trying to remember my moment, and so far, I'm failing.

Ello said...

This was great! I love all these random facts about you. And my favorite line in Airplane is "I have a drinking problem!"

Love your story about your first crush - how cute!

And boy can I relate on the sleeping thing!

SzélsőFa said...

All I can relate to is the sleeping fact. When I was not breast feeding during the night anymore, a whole new period of life started for me.

Robin S. said...

Happy Halloween to you and yours!

For the first time in almost 2 decades, I haven't got a trick-or-treater geting ready in my house. Very weird.

Enjoy it while you have it.