Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Red and blue nation

Many of us have seen the electoral maps of the 2004 election in which each county is labeled red or blue based upon how their county voted. It paints a picture of a divided nation all going our own way. In this paper here, a statitician did a number of drawings of the U.S. where sizes of states or counties is based on variables like population. Even more interestingly is a picture at the bottom where each county is shaded blue, red, or purple, based upon the percentages of votes Democratic or Republican. What you clearly see however is that pure red and pure blue is the exception, only occurring in certain pockets, while the vast majority of counties are a lovely purple.

Here's the link. Oh, it's an Adobe pdf Acrobat file, so you will need one of the Adobe readers.

I don't expect anyone to read the statitician's paper, but you might find the figures and captions interesting. At least, I didn't read the whole paper.



Haem said...

Have you seen this by any chance?
Make sure that you read the faq as well.

Ello said...

FAscinating! But let's face it the problem lies in our electoral college - this just really brings home the basic problems with the system. I particularly like the maps that proportion it to the actual population. Very interesting.

On another note, would you mind poppin by

She has an interesting question which I think involves linguistics since she is doing a presentation on the word root which also stands in for family in Hungarian now having a derogatory meaning which she contends implies negativity to the word family also. I thought she needed a real linguist's opinion.

pacatrue said...

Done, ello.

Ello said...

You're the best!