Monday, October 08, 2007

Wonder which side they are on?

At the top of, they always have these little highlighted items and then a couple links. The one I just saw was:

MARRIED TO YOUR COMPUTER. Many Americans spend more time with their PCs than their significant others.

Now, you would think this would be considered a bad thing, but apparently Yahoo disagrees. The next two related links are:

"Tips on buying a new computer"
"Y! Personals! Find a new mate."

laugh out loud moment here.


December/Stacia said...

Yep, the keyword ads do make for giggles at times.

I spend more time with my laptop than my husband, sure. Because he works in an office and I'm at home.

moonrat said...

yeah. i'm on a computer from 7:15 in the morning until 11:30 each night (with one hour out for a commute). i eat in front of it, sleep in front of it, and do all my socializing through it.

like right now. this is pretty social, right?

Church Lady said...

Not only do I ignore my spouse, but I don't take care of the children (how many are there anyway?), clean the house, or take care of myself. I think I'll be like one of those people who dies in front of the PC. Except I do have all the basic necessities (Ello knows). The TV remote, telephone, bag of cookies, cup of coffee, box of kleenex, pillow, and soon-to-be-developed cushion potty.

I see no reason whatsoever that you have to ever leave your beloved computer.

pacatrue said...

You people frighten me.

Actually, it's hard to do many jobs now without spending more time with a PC than any other human, no matter how great the relationship. And it's also not completely obvious that a great relationship should involve 3 hours of one on one time every single night. It might be quite legit to spend 20 minutes with them and then do work, read a book, clean the house, or socialize on the PC the rest of the time.

Robin S. said...

In the afternoons, after work (or sometimes when still working, on our laptops) my husband and I sit at a table in our family room, both engaged with our laptops, looking up every once in a while to talk to each other. We swear it's OK, because we're sitting together - but this has only happened in the past few months. It's just now evolved into this.
(We're doing it now, in fact).

It's funny, really, because we now remind me of how my college age daughter is with her boyfriend, and her friends. They sit together, talk, listen to music or watch a show, but each almost always has his or her laptop, you guessed it, in their laps, doing whatever it is 19 year olds do with them.