Friday, November 02, 2007

choosing the best moments again

A couple days ago I did yet another determined "that's it!" moment. This sort of moment runs like this:

Paca: That's it! I am in control of my own life. And if I wish to weigh less, I will. So it's back to eating healthy, right? Right. At least as of this moment, no more candy bars or chocolate. Easy first step. And I will not put myself in situations either where I am inclined to binge just because I'm bored or to keep energy up. Yes, self? Yes.

Paca goes to sleep. Next morning arrives.

N: Happy Halloween! Where do you want to take B trick or treating this year?

That's right. I managed to cluelessly swear off candy the night before the whole family walks around getting bags of free candy.

I'm an idiot.

So now I keep imagining this likely future conversation:

Paca: That's it! When it rains, only the top half of my stomach gets wet! That's embarrassing. I declare that as of this moment I will run again three times a week. And I will watch my portion size. No filling plates up anymore, stacking things high. And definitely, definitely much less pie. I'm turning a new leaf and will live a lifestyle in which I am less tempted to do such things. That's what it's all about. Eating just what you need. Okay. Done. Good.

Alright everyone, do you have everything? It's time to go to your grandmother's for Thanksgiving.


Courtney said...

but u can!!!!!!!! i have faith and belief that u can.

make it simple. what are ur two worst food meanies. stop those. alright, now only buy good food. premake for the week healthy snacks to easliy grab. like rice cakes or apples w/pb.

if i can change my lifestyle of eating, i've been eating "real" salads for over a month now!!!!!

i've lost 25lbs since jan. the healhty way. work on the work out thing laater. just focus on one chage at a time. when its effortless about the food after several months, then start working out. otherwise its too much too fast and thats when u slip up and think u can't get back on. and everynight i give myself one treat. like a glass of red wine or a chocolate truffle. but just one.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bunnygirl said...

But the solution is so simple! Just make the "big eating" days your "hard workout" days and you're set!

Works for me, at least. It's frightening how far I'll run to earn my all-you-can eat privileges at the Indian buffet.

December/Stacia said...

I've been counting calories, which I like because I can make my own choices. If I want a candy bar I eat a little less dinner. And one day of gorging isn't going to make that much difference, honestly. It's te constant sneaky second helpings, etc that are the problem.

SzélsőFa said...

Well, second helpings are your enemies, that's for sure.
But if you keep 4-5 hours between meals and drink a lot (preferably herb tea, or noncarbonated mineral water) PLUS walk/exercise a bit EVERY DAY, you'll be fine.

You can even have a few candies, too.

pacatrue said...

The main thing I am taking from this is that my humor here failed miserably. However, your tips are all very useful, so thank you. I probably will be paying more attention to diet things soon.b

Robin S. said...

You humor didn't fail you, paca- it's just that everyone commisserates!

Church Lady said...

OMG!! Top half of stomach! That is hysterical. At least you don't have man-boobs covering up the top half of your stomach. ahhahahhhaaha!

Don't try Alli. I did for 2 days and really makes you gassy and poopish.

I'm with you. I'm so frustrated about dieting and keeping healthy. I've run out of things to blame. It's just *life* I start to exercise, then a kid gets sick. I try to eat healthy, then get my period (okay, so you don't have THAT issue).

I like what Courtney says. It actually sounds smart.