Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dialect Week 0 - Note Taking

I had a bunch of ideas for posts while doing dishes tonight that all revolved around dialects in some way, and so I'm going to declare this dialect week. Before I forget here are my teasers:

1) Dialects versus languages and why is standard English standard?
2) Middle class, status, and, hey, who stole my accent?
3) Humor, Margaret Cho, and "Mock Asian"
4) Anything interesting that I remember about dialectology in the next few days
5) Tom and Jerry and AAVE

I don't know if these will all be individual posts, but there you go.

And now that I've declared that this is dialect week, I am going to type up a much shorter post having nothing to do with dialects at all.


Robin S. said...

OK- I'm waiting- are you gonna include accents as well - and the social ramifications of having one?

pacatrue said...

I hope my new post answers your questions!

Robin S. said...

I see it- gonna read it this afternoon when I can spend the time to really think rather than simply swiftly react.

Very cool stuff!

Have your prof on here- we'll behave.