Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all. If you had dropped by today, you would have eaten this:

And then this evening was the Christmas parade. It's always at night, so every year I go to take a picture of Aloha Santa and the high school bands, and every year I toss the pictures as just too dark. But here's a lighted up fire truck.

And here's B wearing my Titans jersey and "playing football". Those are Xmas lights wrapped around a couple palm trees. We are sitting in front of Tiffany's.

In other Hawaii news, the Rainbow Warriors won their biggest football game probably in their history today, beating 17th ranked Boise State. This keeps them undefeated, and so if they can beat the Washington Huskies next week, they are very likely going to a BCS bowl. It's a huge college football deal. Go Warriors!


Anonymous said...

tiffany's!!!!!!!!!!!! and there are no pictures? i'm am so confused?

by the way, he looks absolutley awesome in that titians jersey. go cowboys!!


Ello said...

B is too cute! I love his expression!

And dinner looked good, but I am waiting for another Paca special recipe extraordinaire.

Robin S. said...

B's a cutie, paca!

I'm bummed on football right now.
Earlier tonight, I thought U of K had a shot at beating Tennessee for the first time since the mid-freakin' 1980s. But no. Thye lost, in a 4th round overtime. Dammit.

on a lighter and better note - EE's writing exercise was fun, and a nice stress release (I was out of town with family this Thanksgiving- and I have close {quasi, anyway} family member who, my husnamd will attest, is the most selfish , self-centered human being he has ever met. I concur. A good time was had by all.)

Anyway- looks like you all had a good time - that's great!

Church Lady said...

B is a cutie!!!
What do you call a baby paca? Kid?
Just curious.

Glad your family had a nice time!

pacatrue said...

Go cowboys!? I have met the enemy and it is my sister.

Ello, your wish has been granted.

Nice to have you back in town, robin. I am a fair weather sports reporter. I only mention things when it's good news. Otherwise, silent as a lamb.

Hi CL, the answer is a cria. Maybe that's what I should have been calling him all this time instead of B.