Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'm very behind on my dissertation proposal still and, since a lot of people disappear from blogger world around the holidays anyway, I might cool it on the blogging thing for this week and see everyone on the other side of Turkey Day. I hope everyone has a great Thursday, and if you don't do T-giving where you are, have a great Thursday anyway.

Now that I've said this, the probability of me posting again within 24 hours... 63%.


Ello said...

I'm betting that as soon as something funny tickles Paca's funny bone he will be blogging again, no matter how stuffed he is with turkey!

Have a nice holiday and enjoy all the great food.

Church Lady said...

HA! He'll be back, Ello. He'll be back.

Happy Thanksgiving!

December/Stacia said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Church Lady said...

Still no new post?
It's been all afternoon. Paca has good self control.

Ello said...

I'm checking too! Paca's willpower is stronger than we thought!

Robin S. said...

Happy Day to you and yours, paca.

pacatrue said...

Thank you, DecStac, Robin, ello, and churkoda.