Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hawaii Collage

I just realized how to take a photo slideshow on my Mac and turn it into a movie. Therefore, I just spent the last three hours doing so. I ended up grabbing a bunch of my favorite Hawaii-themed photos and setting them to a song I really like. This is sort of me just playing around still, but, well, here's the video after I uploaded it to YouTube.

Here is the movie directly on YouTube.


Courtney said...

now that u have figured out this wonderful new tool. i demand for all ur family and friends this xmas a new dvd of ya;lls life in HI. u can combine pictures slides with real video. its been 3 years since the last one and b is much bigger now.

ps. i'll even send u a xmas present this year myself!!!!

SzélsőFa said...

Are all photos yours?
I've never seen so many photos of Hawaii, and turning to your blog is probably the only chance for me to do so. Thanks you for the experience.

Now it's the beginning of winter over here, it's foggy and cold, and I'm coming down with the flu right now and it was so interesting to see places that are different in so many ways from where I live.

Yous little son looks cute!

What does the opening line mean, btw...the one that he keeps repeating...?
I loved his voice, too.

pacatrue said...

I am glad you both enjoyed the little movie picure. Yes, all the pictures are ours, not taken from any web sites or such, and they are all of various places in Hawai'i - mostly Oahu and Hawai'i (the Big Isle). However, about 2/3rds are N's, not mine.

I may not have this exactly right but "he aloha mele" means basically "song of love" or "song for a loved one". Anyone who knows exactly is welcome to educate me. That is the name of the song as well "He Aloha Mele" and is a song for the songwriter's little daughter at the time. It's an old song, I think from the 70s. Aloha means love and when you are meeting someone or wishing them fairwell, you can say aloha to them.

Ello said...

Oh Paca! I loved it! You know, this video made me so jealous of where you live. I really have to get over there one day, sigh. You really took some awesome pictures. and that last shot of you and your son is too precious. What a perfect ending for the movie.

And can you tell me the name of the song and who sings it? It is very lovely.

pacatrue said...

I am glad you enjoyed it, Ello. The name of the song is He Aloha Mele by Iva Kinimaka. It is a Hawaiian standard, so you will find many other recordings of it as well. In fact, I just learned that Tia Carerra (Carerre?), the actress, who's originally from Hawaii, just recorded an album with it on there. I've never heard other versions, I don't think, but Iva's voice is indeed one of the attractions to the tune. It was also really well arranged by someone.

I definitely think that you and family should make it out here, sooner rather than later. If you can't justify the price of a vacation, call it a writer's conference. We will get CL and Robin S and gang and they can all visit. Wait, hubby might say, those people are all an hour's drive from here, why go to Hawaii? That's it! We must have an EE Writer's conference. In Hawaii.

It's the only logical conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Sprung Monkey also do an awesome version of He Aloha Mele

Mindy said...

beautiful husband was stationed there the first two years of our marriage. we just had a son in december, Kai, and i cannot wait to bring him to Hawaii. the version that tia carrere sings is beautiful; it's my favorite song to sing to him now!