Friday, November 30, 2007

Hollandaise Sauce - not so easy

Update: I am getting a lot of hits for hollandaise sauce now, but they usually come to this entry, which is just where things go wrong. To find the actual recipe, scan down this post instead, which is for bacon avocado omelettes with hollandaise sauce.

On T-giving I made my first homemade hollandaise sauce and it came out pretty well. So tonight, well, I was full of myself. I had this steak that I was going to braise; I was whipping up some cheesy mashed potatoes from scratch; I had julienned zucchini; and I was going to make another homemade hollandaise sauce to go over it all. Oh yeah, I was all ready to come and strut my stuff on the blog.

And then, well, turns out I have no idea how to braise anything. Meat=tough, gray mass. And the hollandaise? Chemistry lesson. In one instant, I let it get too hot and the whole sauce disintegrated into a sloppy mess of scrambled eggs floating in a huge pool of butter. Tossed the whole sauce pan.

Nicely done, Iron Paca. Nicely done.

So my new hollandaise sauce tips: 1) find your whisk first and use it often; 2) low heat means freaking low heat. Not 2, not 3, but low. 3) it's an easy sauce if you can focus on it the whole time.

In other culinary news, it turns out the Joy of Cooking is not in fact the best source for Thai soup recipes. Meatloaf, yes. Thai, no.

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