Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holy Children's Television Workshop!!!

I just found this video of Stevie Wonder playing Superstitious live on Sesame Street. Holy ?!:*#! I cannot believe the same show that now hosts Elmo's World and Mr Noodle once was like this -- about 35 years ago. The kids aren't shown until about 4 minutes in, but they've got the groove on. Check out the one on the balcony.

It's hard to remember that the original Sesame Street was daring and controversial by setting a children's show in the inner city. I recently read an article that the Television Workshop slapped a "not appropriate for children" sticker on some DVD release of early Sesame Street. Apparently, they are now worried that toddlers will be corrupted by Cookie Monster dressed up as Alistair Cookie hosting Masterpiece theater with a pipe. I'm not making this up. And I'm glad they are on the case, because pipe smoking is rampant among the under 6 crowd I've seen here. It's time to nip that fashion in the bud.

I used to be a little worried when B and I dance to Kool & the Gang's Jungle Boogie when he's only 4. But apparently, I'm not unusual. I'm just about three decades too late.

I still can't believe this is from Sesame Street though....


J said...

That's an awesome clip, Paca. Thanks for posting it.

moonrat said...

hahaha. awesome indeed.

Church Lady said...

You are right. It was innovative for SS to set the show in the inner city. What happened to this show? (ahem, uptight republicans. Sorry for the short political rant)

Now I want to order these oldies.
Loved the clip!