Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Misheard lyrics

Warning, I did 2.5 posts tonight for some reason.

Here are some lyrics that I've always misheard. I could look up what they really are, but that seems anticlimactic somehow.

AC/DC "You should me all night long"
Had to cool me down
to take another round
Now I'm back in the rig
to take another swing
Now the walls were shakin'
the earth was quakin'
My mind was achin'
And we were bakin' when you
Shook Me All Night Long

Oh!! So that's what the song is about. A late night baking episode. If they don't wear oven mitts, they might end up with one unplanned bun in the oven.

Al Green "I'm so Tired of Being Alone"
I'm so tired of being alone
I'm so tired of growing my own
Won't you help me girl just as soon as you can

This song is apparently about farming solo and its pitfalls.

Then this is a pair, which, well, it's just rude:

ELO "Don't bring me down"
Don't bring me dooowwwwnn

And Manfred Mann's Earth Band "Blinded by the light"
Blinded by the light
Revved up like a douche
Another runner in the night

WTF?! These people seem to have an odd obsession with feminine hygiene.

But then, wasn't the old Seals and Croft song:
Summer's Eve!
Makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine of my thii-ighs?

Maybe not.


Church Lady said...

Oh, that's very funny! Especially the 'revved up like a douche' one. That's how I always sing that song. Makes no sense.
We should look up the actual lyrics.

Ello said...

I think Paca has a thing for feminine hygiene products. There's a whole lot of douching going on!

My favorite missung words was when my sister used to sing General Public's Tenderness song like this:

Ten dollars where is my ten dollars?

Yeah, she always was a cheapo.

Church Lady said...

Someone just googled me with "naked women deer"

I will not forgive you for this. No many how many songs you find with the word 'douche.'

hahahaha It just occurred to me, people looking for douche stuff will be coming here!!!

pacatrue said...

"Ten dollars, where's my ten dollars" only reminds me of the old John Cusack movie Better Off Dead. "Two dollars! I want my two dollars!"

CL, I am glad to have sent strange people to your blog. It makes me proud. Unfortunately, I know the correct lyric on "revved up like a douche". It's "revved up like a deuce". As in the Beach Boys song, "my little douche coupe". I mean, "My little deuce coupe". I wonder what percentage of people thing that is actually, "My little two scoops". maybe the song is an ode to ice cream.