Thursday, November 29, 2007

More geography quizzes

For all of you who enjoyed the geography quizzes, there are more maps of the same game at this link. Maps include the USA, North America, Europe, Asia, UNESCO sites, photos of the world, and more.

You get better as you practice since you get repeats. I've managed to nudge my traveller IQ up 3 or 4 more points by getting better scores on earlier levels, but I always flame out in level 11 (three tries). It gets insanely difficult up there where they toss out random cities in Russia. Things like Yakatarinburg. Has anyone noticed how big Russia is? So you stick it in the middle and hope to get lucky. And then there are pseudo-tricks. A city in Norway which turns out to not be in Norway proper but on some island near Greenland. Or Christmas Island, Australia, which isn't near Australia but close to Sumatra, Indonesia. In level 12, they must actually shock you each time you get one right. Dare you to keep playing.


SzélsőFa said...

I played on a European map, hoping I would do much better. Well, sorta.
And this game is well, strange.
The only Hungarian city was NOT our capital, but a county-seat, and was mispelled.
Budapest was NOT among the questions of the first 8 levels.

Ello said...

Ok - I only got to level 7. Does that make me a moron?

pacatrue said...

Szelsofa, that is a bit odd. I remember getting Budapest one time in the world map, but that's it. I think it has some database of cities and it pulls them out randomly. I don't know. At the same time, in the world version, there is a lot about Russia. Who knows?

Ello, I think levels 6 and 7 are where almost everyone got to. I did call myself a geography geek for a reason.