Friday, November 09, 2007

The morgue

Well, I was typing away on the computer this evening, and I kept hearing people talking on their radios outside the window. It did sounds like police, but I mostly ignored it because the police pull cars over for traffic violations on our street all. the. time. However, the commotion got louder and more sirens came, so eventually I wandered into B's bedroom and looked out the window. There were about three cop cars there, and one of the cops sees me and gives me the slash throat signal with a smile.

I couldn't figure out quite what he was telling me. It wasn't that he was going to slash my throat.

Then an ambulance pulls up and I finally notice something. Right on the curb about 6 feet from our window is a body.

Yes, a body.

The ambulance and two fire trucks arrive, and about 10 minutes later, they've taken the body away. I never got a real look at the person, but the slight glimpse looked like someone older. The police didn't seem to think they needed to question anyone. If they had asked us a question, we knew nothing. The officials knew about the body before I did.

And like that it was over.

So that's the first ever corpse in my front yard.


SzélsőFa said...

modern times.
You don't even get to know who your neighbour was before s/he dies.
OR, quite unexpectedly, some stranger is murdered at your doorsteps.
Oh, modern times.

Robin S. said...

Whoa, paca. That would be so surreal - looking out your window and seeing a corpse and a cop doing the slash throat "he's dead" bit.

Sounds like the beginning of a novel to me. Maybe in your spare time, you should, as they say,
"have at it".

Church Lady said...

Did you take any photos?

pacatrue said...

It does sound like the beginning of a novel. Sorry, no photos though.

From the actions of the police, our best guess is that someone was walking down the sidewalk, had an attack of some sort, and fell over, only to be found some time later by another passerby.

bunnygirl said...

Too much excitement! Let's hope that it's not just the first but the last corpse in close proximity to your front yard!

writtenwyrdd said...

That sounds almost like a first line: "The first corpse ever in my front yard was..."

It's surreal to have that sort of thing happen. I saw a lady get rear ended, get out of her car (presumably to scream at the one who hit her) then drop like a puppet with its strings cut, slam onto her knees, then to her side. Wham! Dead instantly, from a severed spinal cord. Brrr. Still creepy to think about it.