Friday, November 16, 2007

My lesson for today

I just got a little reminder lesson for myself. Our university chancellor just sent out an email report. Included in it is a subheading for priorities. Here are her priorities:

# A destination of choice for students, faculty and staff, the citizens of Hawai‘i and beyond;
# A leading, global research university performing at the highest levels and solving society’s problems;
# A respectful, inclusive community that welcomes and nurtures diversity.

Is it just me, or does that pretty much just say, "our priority is to be a good school." However, later there is a supplemental budget item, and this includes the following list:

# Repairs and maintenance of our campus infrastructure
# Health, safety, and emergency preparedness
# Support of our graduate students
# Native Hawaiian programming for Access and Hawaiian Language
# Upgrading classroom technology
# Title IX compliance for gender equity in athletics
# Support for accreditation through WASC
# Support for faculty development
# Community outreach and communications

Now, those are some actual priorities. So note to self: When looking for an organization's objectives, skip the "objectives" part and look for the money.


Church Lady said...

Do you want to work in academia one day? I'm just curious, because it seems to be your passion.

You would do very well, in any case! :-)

Ello said...

Ha! I agree - just look for the money! None of the priorities works without it.