Thursday, November 29, 2007

New family members

B is still rather scared of dogs and even cats. We can't get one of those in our apartment, so we decided to get him used to the idea of having pets with two...

Guinea Pigs!

We picked up this guy first and his name is Machu Picchu.

A couple weeks later we picked up a black and white female version and B named her babababa, or just baba for short. I have a pic of her, but all you see is a black lump. She was tiny then.

Guinea pigs are alright. We are still working on the sit peacefully in your lap while Paca works thing, but otherwise they've worked out fine. Low maintenance for a live creature, but I do think getting a companion for Picchu was a good idea. So say hello to them.


bunnygirl said...

Pretty cute! :-)

Robin S. said...

Cute! but they make little squealing noises that wake me up when we're out of town and visiting my cousin's house. Her girls have two as well. They love morning chatter.

Are you getting wake up calls as well?

I love the names- esp baba!

Aggiedoone said...

Are you planning on having baby GP's? Sorry, the vet in me can't help asking. If GP females don't have a litter while they are young, their pelvises fuse and cause mucho problems if they get preggers later in life. Just FYI. Feel free to tell me to butt out :)

pacatrue said...

Hi aggiedoone. No need to butt out; it's always useful to have more information rather than less. Our GP book mentioned problems that can come if a female has babies too young, but it didn't mention the issue you've raised. The plan has been to have the male taken to a vet for neutering (or to have the vet doublecheck the sexes as we got baba really young) soon. It's about to be that time as baba is turning into a grown-up now.

ril said...

Aww, they grow up so fast these days, don't they?