Thursday, November 01, 2007

New papers up

This has been a very productive week. My working paper on causation (remember my 'academic story' a few weeks back?) has been accepted as a working paper, checking off another item on the dissertation list. Also, my collaborator and I truly finished the Korean apology paper draft enough that it's been shipped off to professors to obliterate for us. Ello mentioned maybe wanting to read the apology one, and my mother has mentioned the causation one, and so I finally updated my "professional" web site research page with actual current stuff, including these. You can find the link here.

I managed to lose most of the formatting I once had on this page with my last edit, but I'm tired of fooling with it. Have better things to do. The two papers are both pdfs and one is called "The Biological Endowment for Language and the Poverty of the Simulus" and the other is "Concepts of Face and Korean Apologies". Neither is written for a general audience, being hopeful journal submissions, but the apology one will likely be an easier read than the biology one. If you do read the biology one, you might want to skip the highly technical section 3 altogether. On the Korean apology one, you can probably skim the intro-theory part and then focus on the examples in the latter half.


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Ello said...

Oh good! You gave me my weekend reading material! That's so nice of you to post! I've been really intrigued about it.

Great news on the working paper! congrats!