Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some haiku

I had a comment over at EE's that I didn't want to lose. The Evil Minions were again discussing how long a book should be, so I added this really useful comment:

I personally think the shorter novel the better because I have better things to do than read fiction. In fact, I recommend haiku for everything.

Locked in jail for life
Monte Cristo gets the loot
Revenge served quite cold.

Lion with wardrobe
Kids and talking animals
It's gospel, moron.

My Joyce impression
Stream of consciousness, but I
ran out of space here


J said...

Those are fabulous!

Here's my attempt:

Escaping with Jim
Huck decides to go to hell
Thereby finding God

moonrat said...

got poor and crazy
killed two old ladies, and now
am wedding a whore

(wow, i could totally have saved dostoevsky 878 pages)

December/Stacia said...


Marry me, Paca.

Robin S. said...

I loved this one - and I think the length question is a funny one, anyway.

Go, go Haiku Man!

pacatrue said...

Those are great, J and moonrat. I will try to think of more once I am awake. Let's see...

Hottie man Darcy
Egotistical bastard
Love him anyway.