Friday, November 16, 2007

Yet more book ideas

Here are yet more idea for books one could write.

1) Language Interviews -- Last week I sent an email to a linguistics prof at the U of South Carolina wondering if she would like to do an interview on this blog. I never heard back, so that one fell through. However, the idea lit my imagination. I think a set of interviews with linguists in which I help them pitch their work at a popular science level, as well as inject some humor, could be quite enjoyable. I don't think it would be a best seller, but it could fit on the science shelf with the story of e, or some such. It might also be picked up by some linguistics classes as a supplementary text. Again, not best seller, but that could be several thousand copies there. It seems like you could start it as a blog to gain practice in interviewing, gain a little platform, and if I did one a week, I might even squeeze it into my current schedule. Would any of you ever buy such a thing?

2) To Err is Human -- that's the obvious and slightly annoying title. This is nonfiction as well. I have a book called Kid's Slips which is about the sorts of language errors kids make. You could expand this into a general profile of human error - visual, auditory, speech, decision making, George Bush, etc. This would be a harder one for me, requiring many months of research, but I think there's potential.

3) Puku the Naughty Cat - a children's book. It would be Hawaiian themed and all I know is that Puku does all those things you aren't supposed to do. And she doesn't get away with it. Now, I just have to look up what puku means in Hawaiian so I'm not insulting anyone.

4) 12 Days of Monster Christmas -- I started making up new lyrics to the `12 days of christmas tune for B a couple days ago. Four orange claws, three googly eyes, two dripping fangs, and a little child to eat all up. I really liked this idea for a bit, but here are the problems I would have to solve: 1) not actually scary but fun monsters, 2) that song sure does get repetitive, 3) there is no third thing, 4) nice to somehow find an actual christmas feel.

5) An actual dissertation so I can actually pay the rent.


moonrat said...

oooo, i really like #2. will you write it and send it to me so i can publish it? linguistic books rock.

N said...

Apparently puku is the Maori word for belly. It's also slang for a certain female body part I shall not mention in writing.

Church Lady said...

Okay, If you're serious about the funny Xmas book--
Here's a link:

It's a small publishing company in Texas that is open for submissions until Nov 25. They love humor. For picture books, keep it under 1,000 words. Closer to 600-700 would be better.

Can you do it? Put it together and email it this weekend. You've nothing to lose! I do think it's funny.

"Doodle Sprout" on my sidebar lives in Hawaii. She has a PB about Hawaii published. Just saying is all....