Saturday, December 22, 2007

Assessing 2007

On January 02 of this year, I came up with a bunch of possible goals for 2007. They were supposed to be the starting list and then I would choose just a few to make my real resolutions for the year. Being me, I never got back to that part, and so the entire list stayed. So, now I am going to see how I did. Here we go:

1. Write article on Korean apologies with J-W. - Yay!, we actually did this and completed it in October.
2. Article on pitch levels in discourse structure, also with J-W. - No, never did this. We did a fair amount of reading about Korean and English intonation, but what I was hoping to test is really quite difficult to get at experimentally. Right now, we've moved on to another apology topic, focusing currently on Korean, then American, then Korean-American. I don't want to say more because I might quiz the blog readers on some of this in the future.
3. don't procrastinate - Can I do this next year?
4. teacher of a linguistics class - Half yay! As everyone knows, I did not pull this off this year, but my class is scheduled for January.
5. sleep more regularly - no, did miserably on this and I know sleep is important for health. Failure.
6. More N and Paca time - We did have this last Friday, which is the blog post below this one, but in general, no.
7. swim - nope, not at all.
8. working paper - innateness and poverty of the stimulus arguments - yay! totally finished this and its published in the working papers series.
9. comprehensive exams - I made some progress here; the key item being that I formed a committee. However before I can have my exams, one prof wants to see the dissertation proposal, which is item 10.
10. dissertation proposal - Working on it is all I can say, mostly reading. As I read more, I am beginning to question some of the assumptions in the research on my area and so I'm now reading far and wide to figure out how to tackle things.
11. develop 10 decent Cajun Seoul dishes - not much more happened on this. I experimented with some cajun sausage mandoo once, my bi bim bop is rather American-ish, but not Cajun. Oh, but I'm getting chicken and duklings down, which is a recipe I was supposed to post.
12. create 5-10 not completely embarassing songs in GarageBand - nope, not a bit. I worked on a couple things over the summer, but haven't pursued it.
13. keep the house neater - well, it's been pretty neat lately, but that's because of our responsibility towards visitors. Medium success.
14. write 2-3 more stories to complete a story collection; query it to at least one agent - I wrote a few pages on a story in July. That's about it.
15. develop complete outline of Tira novel - uh, yeah, no.
16. drink less soda - well, as of right now, I am doing very well on this. I had gone off the deep end yet again with soda, this time Diet Pepsi, through much of the fall semester (soda for breakfast), and just a few weeks ago I went cold turkey again to break the habit. I'm actually doing quite well with it, being able to have a single soda every few days, which is fine and healthy.
17. eat more vegies - no idea, but if this is just healthy eating, I could probably do better.
18. Work on information theory interpretation of cochlear "fourier analysis" of frequency - no, and this is completely beyond my abilities. A project for a few years down the road.
19. get an article published all refereed like - didn't happen, but the article is already to go. J-W and I have been waiting for some feedback since October. We've chosen the journal to submit to and everything.
20. 23 minute 5K event - My running has become increasingly spotty over the year. B's jogging stroller broke and I just haven't pursued it in a while. I am thinking about putting this back in for 2008 though.
21. take at least a three day vacation - Did this about two weeks after I named the goal, with a trip to the Big Isle. We talked about doing another one to Kaua'i, but I'm not sure the budget is there. Maybe 2008?
22. find disseration funding - no, but this is largely depended on the dissertation proposal. Once I know the dissertation, I can ask for assistance in doing it.
23. don't go broke - we are treading water.

Overall, it's not bad. Despite the fact that I only counted 6 successes out of 23 (ouch!), I made real progress on almost all of the important ones. The only major professional item I did not accomplish was getting through comps, but that should be done soon. I don't know. I feel pretty good about the list.

Now to come up with the list for 2008. And can I make it less than 20?


McKoala said...

It's a big, big list! A list that big would scare me into running away as fast as possible and thus achieving nothing. Kudos for achieving as much as you did!

Church Lady said...

I hope one day to have a list.
No wonder my life seems so pointless, so aimless, so utterly without purpose.
So here's a mini list for the next hour:
-Stretch legs while typing
-Click out of Paca's blog
-Check on my own blog
-Rework a paragraph from my new story
-Call one of my kids to fetch me a cookie

Wow! Having a list feels great! I will write another one soon.

hehehehe ;-)
Just teasing the paca.