Thursday, December 27, 2007

Brainstorming 2008

OK, here we go with ideas or things to do in 2008. I'm supposed to be reading, "Effects of Age and Relation on Intergenerational Communication: A Survey Study in Beijing," which I think is a great reason to come up with new year's ideas instead. Again, I have no belief I will accomplish all this.

1) Pass Comprehensive Exams. No Brainer Goal #1
2) Have Dissertation Proposal Approved. No Brainer Goal #2
3) Three Chapters of dissertation written. Why not?
4) Run Honolulu Marathon in 4hours 20 minutes. I ran the Nashville Marathon in about 5 hours in 2001, so I'd like to get up to 10 minute miles, which means I need more leg strength. The barrier here is: when? If I run in the morning, I'm not helping the family get going, if I run during the day I'm covered in sweat at work, and if I run at night, then I'm not exercising with N. Anyway, the Honolulu Marathon is in December, so I have a year to go from 2.5 miles to 26.2.
5) 25 minute 5K. This should be done first and is a bid to increase muscle strength.
6) 34" waist. This is an attempt to have a non-weight-measured health goal. I've discovered that there are a lot of different body physiques at the same weight. I'd rather have the physique at whatever weight that comes out to for me.
7) Three minimally embarrassing songs recorded and shared with you folk.
8) B takes swimming lessons. Take that, kid; you are a goal now.
9) I want to learn to go body boarding. B bought me a body board, at my request for either last Xmas or my B-Day, but I've mostly used it to float B around in the water. It's time to take it out into some waves.
10) Maybe I will start a recipe book! This would be recipes that I've made which typically come out okay. I wonder if there's any way to add a bit of humor and pictures and then have it printed up on or something for about 5 people. Sounds fun, but also like a lot of work. And would I have to make the recipes reproducible and actually measure stuff?!
11) Korean apology paper published.
12) Korean apology paper 2 written and submitted.
13) American apology paper started. Nice ideas here, but I am supposed to be doing a dissertation. There are a few departments in the world now who are accepting three published refereed articles as equivalent to a dissertation. This means I am suggesting kind of writing two dissertations at once. That doesn't sound smart. On the positive side, if I pull this, teaching, and a dissertation off, that's a decent CV to get a job.
14) One N and Paca only night a month. We really, really need to find a baby sitter.
15) Two short stories. I feel like I should have some writing goal, but it shouldn't be much as I've already assigned myself some 400 pages of academic writing. But maybe two short stories can function as practice.
16) Four day vacation.
17) Independent dissertation funding.
18) Do a good hike once a month.

That should do the trick, I think. And I kept it under 20 this time.

Suddenly, I already feel behind. Crap, I'm already freaking out!! Let's add three more goals:

19) Sleep regularly.
20) Don't stress out.
21) Don't actually do every idea you come up with, because that's insane.


Ello said...

This is why I don't do resolutions! Too stressful!

Happy New Year!

SzélsőFa said...

Loveable goals, Paca!
I especially second #18 (the hiking)

moonrat said...

ambition is excellent :)

BUT i have to say marathoners are CRAZY. you know the original runner DIED, right?!?! (although then the whole athenian army did do the entire run themselves having just fought a battle all morning, but i think they did it in something like 14 hours, so seriously, 4 h 20 m? pure masochism.)

writtenwyrdd said...

#21, definitely. Happy New Year!!