Friday, December 21, 2007

Couple Day

N and I took advantage of B being at day care today to have a "Just Paca and N" day, which is the first we've had in several months. I started off the day a bit too low key, thinking we'd hang around the apartment for a couple hours and then mosey out, since we had never come up with a plan, but when I got out of the shower and N was in a nice dress (N basically doesn't wear dresses) and hovering by me with a smile, even I figured out I should put on a button down shirt and stop moseying. I apparently still needed a little help, because when I appeared in jeans, N stood next to me and said, "do we match?"

"Um, I think so unless the jeans are... do I need to change out of jeans?"

N gives the look which means, "you are an adult and I will not tell you how to dress, but, get the hell out of a pair of jeans on our special day."

Her looks are quite complicated.

So one pair of khaki slacks later we were out.

Our romantic date unfortunately started with a stop at her work to pick up a couple things, but I took the opportunity to pick up some flowers. Paca: 2 points.

The rule was we had to do things we could not do with B around. So first we went to the Honolulu Academy of Arts, which is the main art museum for the islands with small collections of Ancient Mediterranean, East Asian, Renaissance, and 18th century art. I can sum up the Renaissance rooms in three words "Madonna and Child." Seriously, they couldn't come up with a single other thing to paint. And for all their amazing breakthroughs in perspective and realism, their children are FREAKY!

Then at noon we ended up in a restaurant called Town, which is sort of avante garde or something, where I dined on clams in a vermouth wine sauce and N had an avante garde... hamburger. But it was a local and organic grass-fed hamburger. I'd never seen a hamburger eat anything before myself.

We then walked next door to J.J.'s French Bakery, which is the only real French place we've found in Hawaii for less than $30 a plate. The chef is Laotian and does Lao cooking and is Cordon Bleu trained, and so the menu is kind of an Indochine chic thing with seafood puff pastries and the like. We, however, were there for dessert and chose this "Black Currant Cassis", which is a currant mousse on top of cake.

And this Buche de Noël, a roll of chocolate and cake:

Cell phone at work again.

Following this, we wandered around some shops, ok, we made fun of the Naruto and Inuyasha stuff at "Toys N Joys". This was followed by a driving trip up one of the residential mountains and then laying in a park under a tree. While under the tree we failed to answer such questions as "are there alternate universes?" and "will humans still exist in 100,000 years?" N also prompted me to assist in composing haiku, such as:

Blue sky up above
We are lying in tall grass
Wa! My butt is wet

You can guess which line I supplied.

And then it was off to get B from day care and now it's time to cook.


Ello said...

Sounds like a lovely day and I would give you 10 points!

Happy Christmas, Hunter, to you and your family!



pacatrue said...

Who is this person to whom you refer?

Same to you, Ello.

Why am I getting the feeling that I'm about to take some time off, will therefore be able to blog more substantively, and now all the readers are going on blog vacation?

writtenwyrdd said...

These sorts of days are so important. Glad you guys had the time and opportunity. I think the holidays are inverse for your blogging compared to many others. You're less tied up; we're more.

Okay. I'm not. I'm just lazy. And blogger is still blocked at work. ;)

pacatrue said...

It's never been a coincidence that blog traffic plummets whenever people leave their work place.

Church Lady said...

You should have that haiku framed somewhere!! Sounds like a lovely date.
You have to get out more! Seriously.

DH and I have terrible luck with babysitters, and it really sucks. But we manage to take days when the kids are in school.

Happy Holidays! (I read your post above this one. Glad you met so many of your goals. Pacas are goal-oriented creatures, it seems.)