Friday, December 14, 2007

The false story of the true paca

A couple weeks ago I was a winner in a contest over on Ello's blog and my victory prize was a story. Ello has now written and published the story and you can find it over on her blog



Church Lady said...

I will stop over and take a look. Congratulations!

Robin S. said...

You're a star now! Can you use this as a doctoral publishing credit?

Just checking (insert a type-thingie smiley face here).

Vesper said...

And what a lovely funny story Ello wrote! Made me curious about you - so here I am, visiting your blog. :-)

pacatrue said...

Robin, I think this is definitely going into my platform for the nonfiction book proposal.

"My book on New Mexican origami addicts will sell well due to my exposure on Ello's blog as a vomiting, spasmic, nerd."

Vesper, thanks for dropping by. I hope we will continue seeing you around here.