Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gangsta Wiggles

Those of you with young children might appreciate this vidoe. Ice Cube meets the Wiggles:

I was also amused by this find -- Taiwanese Wiggles! Everything Wiggle reproduced on a smaller budget and in Chinese. Meet the Tawainese Wiggles here:

And listen to them sing Captain Feathersword Ahoy! here:

For those of you who ain't down wit my brothers Wiggle, I got your original versions here:

Get Ready to Wiggle
Captain Feathersword


Church Lady said...

I miss being able to soooo totally and mindlessly zone out while my kids watched these kind of shows.

They never got into Wiggles. It was Barney for a long time.

I like the music they incorporate for the younger set.

Three good things about the Wiggles:
Let's mommy zone out

Ello said...

THat first video cracked me up. But can I tell you, the Wiggles and Barney are banned from my house - forever!

pacatrue said...

I am glad the two of you enjoyed the videos. The Wiggles are alright, I think. The overacting (particular Captain Feathersword) in the skits gets old quick, but their songs can be pretty darn catchy. The reason I did this post is that I had one of them completely stuck in my head and I went to YouTube looking for it.