Monday, December 17, 2007

Honolulu City Lights

I finally figured out how to get pictures off of our new cell phones (new as of a month ago).

Tonight, N, N's mom, B, and I (I stands for Ichabod) went to see the Honolulu City Lights, which is an Xmas display in and around Honolulu City Hall. As you will see, we too get in the Christmas spirit, but since people are still wandering around in shorts, there are some differences, such as our Santa wears an Aloha shirt and shorts with his long white beard (I'm not kidding) and often he's pulled by a team of dolphins.

Here's a baby snowman getting ready to go surfing:

His penguin friend:

Inside city hall, each department does a Christmas tree. Most are the traditional cone shaped evergreen. We all liked this palm tree one, however. If you look closely, you can see ornaments hanging, which are all weaved from palm fronds.

There's a large pole covered in lights in the shape of a Christmas tree outside and includes a toy train going around it. This one is being driven by some menehune, the little people of Hawaiian legend, and steam comes out of the pineapple.

And here's the big guy and big girl. Unfortunately, they're not really Aloha Clauses (though the guy inside taking pictures with the kids was), but they do have their shoes off.


Robin S. said...

Looks like fun!

I have yet to take a picture with my camera phone, so you're way ahead of me, paca.

Ello said...

NIce pics Paca! I still haven't figured out how to transfer pics from my phone to my computer.

Robin and me are so unhip.

Hey Robin, what happened to that pretty pic you had before? I liked it!

Church Lady said...

I love these, Paca!
So different, but feels the same. Thanks for taking the time to post them!!

(the camera button is on an inconvenient spot on my phone. I have tons of pictures of my thumb)