Sunday, December 02, 2007

Interesting life decisions

I recently had the following key word search hit my blog:

choose lifetime partner the one who is ugly but rich. agree?

Hm. Hard call. I wish her (I'm stereotypically presuming) luck.

For the record, when you do search for this, apparently, this is the number 2 google link. I have a feeling it didn't help.
Now I'm going to go all Church Lady on you.
Who would you choose for a life partner? Ugly but rich? Poor but hot?
How about for a one night affair?
How about if you lived in significant poverty, you have little education, and you could support your entire family by marrying rich? Is love still more important? What's the right thing?


Robin S. said...

Oh, Good Lord, paca. These are toughies- and, as with just about anything in life (despite purportedly 'moral' objections to the contrary), they all DEPEND, in my opinion, on where one is is life at the moment the decisions are made.

When I was young (21) and very broke, though, I was handed a choice sort of like you're talking about, on a platter, and it wasn't even a hard decision when I turned the offer down, so I guess my actions speak louder than my (previous) words.

The man was ten years older, and he had moved out of state. He hadn't asked me to go with him the first time, which hurt me deeply (we had been together for a year).
He was average looking, was making money hand over fist (he's now a neighbor of John Elway's, if that gives you a clue), and offered to pay for me to finish college, and do just about anything else- if I'd come out and live with him. I didn't go, because doing it would've made me feel like a hooker.

That said, if I'd had the responsibility of a family to contend with at the time, my decision might've been different.

And who knows, maybe I made the wrong decision. But for me, my pride was at stake.

PS- if you get a chance, check out EE's writing exercise results. I've got one in there, and the detective's name in my story is "Miss Chris".

SzélsőFa said...

I did not have to make such choices in my life and for that I am thankful.

ril said...

I wonder about the definition of ugly. I mean, is it not hot = ugly, or when we say ugly do we mean truly repulsive?

Are there that many rich people who are truly ugly, or does money flow more easily to attractive people?

Do we assume it's impossible to love an "ugly" person, such that rich and "ugly" is always a compromise?

Just wondering...

Robin S. said...

Hi ril,

I wonder the same things myself sometimes. And what is ugly, anyway? There's a spectrum, isn't there? And I honestly feel that the mere presence of generally-accepted good looks - well, they are not enough. There has to be more - there has to be something behind those eyes - warmth, intelligence, humor, in order to make a person 'not ugly'.

pacatrue said...

Agreed. "Ugly" is in the eye of the beholder, and I had presumed "she" also found her potential partner unattractive, hence the question. But it's always possible that she is attracted to him and yet wonders what others will think because he isn't conventionally good looking. Those would be two completely different questions.