Thursday, December 20, 2007

Paca's First Contest!

*UPDATE1: Evil Editor is in. Don't you want the opportunity to smash EE himself with your picking prowess? (Or don't a couple of you want to submit to his will? Ahem.) Now you must join!*

*UPDATE2: So far we have Paca, EE, mamebeth, J, and robin in the pool. If you still want to join, you are still very welcome. Unless people are seriously re-ranking because they have strong feelings about Navy's chances tonight (the 20th), the game is only worth a single point out of over 500, so you aren't behind much.*

*UPDATE3: We seem to be up to 9 people now with Paca, EE, mamaebeth, J, robin, Church Lady, blogless_troll, and McKoala on the way. I hope other such as Sammy, Precie, Wyrdd, and December can get in, and all the people I didn't just mention. You've only missed one game, so please go ahead and sign up now if Yahoo still lets you. I will start stewing on presents. One of the best things is I never knew that blogless read my blog.*

*UPDATE4: We are up to 11 people now with the addition of Sammy and December. This so far has gone far better than I expected with the super last minute notice. Let the smack talk begin!


OK, people, time for you to all sign up. In honor of Hawaii's most important bowl game in its history, I am hosting my first ever contest. Your job is to pick the winners of the bowl games this coming holiday period. They start today, so you gotta move, but if people don't get in until tomorrow, I can ignore today's games -- somehow.

You don't have to know anything about college football. I myself have watched exactly zero college football games this year, so I'm no ringer. (That's Sammy and K, I think.) Anyone who gets over 65% will get some sort of prize from me, and the winner will also get --um-- some sort of prize from me. Likely food or bad jokes.

It's being hosted on Yahoo, so you may or may not need a Yahoo account. Here's the link to join up. The group is called Paca-Picks and the secret password is "timewaster". If I have your email, I am also going to email you an invitation. Please join!

This link should take you straight to the group with password and all.

If it doesn't work, the link below is the generic link and you can use group name, ID (43668, I think) and the secret password to get in. The good news about all these Yahoo groups is that they do all the math for you and tell you who won. All you have to do is pick and then wait. Oh and write incendiary messages about slaughtering the opposition on the message board.

Have you ever been stuck watching endless bowl games around New Year's that you couldn't care less about? Well, now at least you can hope to get a prize for it. So join!

** A couple tips now that I just went through the process of picking. 1) The site doesn't appear to like the default Mac browser Safari. I had to use Firefox for it to accept my picks. I assume IE will be fine. 2) Even in Firefox, the drag and drop thing for ranking your picks appeared to fail completely, but on the right you can choose the "Classic" look, which gives drop-down menus instead. 3) You can only have one pick per number, so to change a number you have to "un-assign" some other option. If you want to re-rank everything from scratch, you will want to unassign everything and then just go through ranking. Since I had no clue on all but about 4 games, I only unassigned 4 or so and then moved things a bit.**


Robin S. said...

Are you kidding me? EE is in? OK- I'm gonna try this, but I suck at all sports stuff. I'm just saying.

Robin S. said...

OK. I don't have one thin clue how this works, so if I get in there and screw up, will someone be able to fix it? Just checking.

Also thought I'd mention I don't know anything about the teams other than the one I occasionally watch, and most of what I know about them is that their uniforms are blue and white. I'm serious.
All right...I'm going in.

pacatrue said...

If you have any problems, robin s, yell. Or leave a message on the board there or something. Except for having to create a Yahoo account, I think the only confusing thing is the confidence ranking. Otherwise, you just click on a radio button for who has the best icon.

Robin S. said...

You know, I love you blog guys (you know who all you are, and I'd have to because this is HARD. I can't get in to the thingie, and I thought I signed up for Yahoo account just now, but it still won't let me in. And now, because I can't get in, I really wanna do this. Help, please.

pacatrue said...

OK, robin, you have an email from me for e-mail support. I can chat through gmail if you have one of those accounts, but I don't have any other chat software installed.

Robin S. said...

What's gmail? Just thought I'd mention I have no idea, so you'll know what you're up against. Sorry!
I'll check email now...

McKoala said...

I want to bring my Failsafe System to the party, but under work pressure now. Will sign up asap, but may need you to do whatever hoodoo you will do about the first game.

Ello said...

I have no idea what I'm doing for this but have joined. Now if you decide to do March madness, I'll be so there!!

pacatrue said...

McKoala and Ello, I'm really glad you to are in, or planning to be in. 'oala, most people should only have earned one point from this, so, if any sort of contest comes down to one point, we can either give you a boost or knock everyone else down a point.

McKoala said...

'true, I'm in! Robin it took me a while. Signing up to Yahoo was the hardest bit. Grrr.

Let the games commence. Oh, they already did. Oops. Go the Ducks!

Robin S. said...

Yep, McK - that signing up for Yahoo part was a bitch. I'm so relieved it wasn't just me!

Sammy Jankis said...

Ack! You need to post this two days out, or earlier in the morning. I read your blog in the early AM and I missed out on picking last night's game. Of course, I would have picked Navy so no loss. :-)

December/Stacia said...

How cruel! Forcing me to pick between Alabama and Colorado! I hope they both freaking lose.

I picked, basically, all teams from Florida, the Mizzou Tigers (the reason I hate Colorado, in fact--5th down!!!!), AUBURN, and then mostly teams I was familiar with or were from Texas.
I will probably come in last. Oh well! :-)

pacatrue said...

You guys have made my Christmas. And just think, a couple weeks ago I was in a blog funk, wondering if this thing had any purpose anymore.

Let the smack talking begin!

Church Lady said...

Oh Paca, this is going to be a blast! Thank you for including me in the creme de la creme of bloggers! heehehee!

I love your blog. It's intelligent and funny and your niceness clearly shows through. I hope you and your family have a nice holiday together. And given your post a few days ago, take time off and enjoy them.


Robin S. said...

Hi paca,

You're a great guy, and I, too, am happy to be here! Merry Christmas to you and yours, honey!

McKoala said...

Aw, I would have looked in more often if I knew you were feeling unwanted!

I see we now have to call you Commissioner. Sir.

pacatrue said...

Hm. These comments don't sound like smack talking to me, but I am honored nonetheless.

And that's Master Commissioner.

Ello said...

Obi Wan Commissioner PacaTrue

That's amouthful