Monday, December 31, 2007

Seven Reasons to Cheer for Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl

I'm well aware that most of you are not college football fans. Honestly, I'm not so much either. But in case you end up watching the Sugar Bowl today, here are seven irrefutable reasons you should cheer for Hawaii and not the Georgia Bulldogs.

1. It's hard to get any more underdog than Hawaii. Not only is the school the lower-ranked projected-to-lose team for this game, as a school, they've only played once - ONCE! - in a bowl on the mainland in the entire school's history. And now they find themselves in the Sugar Bowl, a BCS Matchup. It's time for the little guy.

2. They are a fun team to watch, tossing the ball all over the field with 3 and 4 and 5 people running out to catch it. It's a blast.

3. We are the Rainbow Warriors; and use to just be the Rainbows. How many athletic teams do you know named after color displays?

4. A cheer for Hawaii is a cheer for me. And who wouldn't cheer for me? Besides, if you know anyone in Georgia, I'm nicer than them anyway, admit it. And if you disagree, I'll kick your ass.

5. This is the single most important sporting day in the history of the state. We have no professional teams, no NFL, NBA, MLS, etc. The U of H is it. UH as WAC Champion t-shirts have been flying off the rack; thousands of Hawaiians are flying to Nawlins for the game. While some schools are moping around, all depressed, because they were forced to go to the Citrus Bowl when they are sure they deserved the Orange, close to 10,000 people showed up at the stadium just to hear the announcement that we were going to the Sugar Bowl. It's hard to overstate how excited the island is.

6. Much of the team is Samoan. How often do you get to cheer for Samoans? Other than this one guy I remember in Mid-South Wrestling in 1982, never. Cheer for these guys.

7. And best of all, our guys do the Hawaiian Ha'a Dance. Yeah, the Grambling and Southern half-time shows are probably better, but this is done by the actual football players.

Go 'Bows!

(and mumble, I get 32 points if they win, mumble, mumble)


Robin S. said...

Oh, crap. I didn't know they were the lowest ranked. I picked them because you live there. OK. What was that song lyric?

...another one (of robin's) bites the dust. But maybe not!! It could happen. Any idea when that game is on today, Eastern time?

Robin S. said...

Oh- I just found the schedule - and TN is winning right now. YES.

pacatrue said...

I picked them because I live here, too, robin, so we are there for the same reason.

The game is at 8:30 Eastern, 3:30 Hawaiian.

Anonymous said...

Paca, you did a great job of explaining why Hawaii is so excited about the bowl game. I also watched the video. Between your explanation of the importance of the game and the video, I too am excited. We plan to watch the game. Good luck! Go Rainbow Warriors! muffytrue

McKoala said...

I picked them because of you too! Go Hawaii!

ps I didn't quite have the confidence to award them 32 points, though, sorry...

Ello said...

You put 32 points on it!!!

Grabs jaw from floor.

Just came by to do my happy dance and say "I'm number 2!" Woo Hoo!

Happy new year!!!

And Robin - great avatar pick! I read your new posting and chuckled! They are beautiful girls! I always love checking out your avatar pics!

pacatrue said...

I put 32 points on it as sort of moral support to be honest. Since I have no confidence in any vote, might as well wage it on the only team I'm cheering for. I am cheering a bit for LSU in the home game. After all, I've only watched on college football game in my life and that was at an LSU homecoming with the llama's family when I was about 8.

Robin S. said...

Hi ello-

Thanks, sweetie!

I put a lot of points on Hawaii as well, but not by choice - I only played with a few points deals because I'm a person who prefers, especially when I know I don't know anything about a topic (i.e., in this case, college football teams) - to fly by the seat of my pants and hope for a stunning last minute come-from-behind victory. Yeah. It'll be a stunner, all right!

Robin S. said...

I just took the time to watch this video - I'd pick them again, just because I like their chanting dance. No kidding.