Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wish fulfilled?

The class I am teaching in the Spring is already filled to the max and so I am getting emails now from students asking for overrides to exceed the enrollment limit. Many of them start off:

Dear Professor Paca

I am of course not a professor. However, I just realized that I once created a meme of my own in which one item was "Three things you'd like to hear." The first one being:

3 Things I'd like to hear:
- "Dr. Paca?" To which I would reply, "Please just call me paca."

That was June of last year. And I guess now it's happened. It will be much better if I were to actually deserve the title instead of just have it applied to me erroneously, but I will take what I can get.

Here's the rest of that meme. Since most of my readership has turned over since then, you are all encouraged to do the meme yourself.

And since I was actually writing fiction a bit back then, yes, my third item under "three things I'd like to hear" was:

- Overheard on the street, "Have you read paca's new book? I got it last weekend at Borders."

By the way, is this amusing at all anymore? Or this?


Robin S. said...

Fun read on the meme! Glad to know you're old enough that Cheryl Tiegs was at least mentioned, even if only in passing, on the hot girls thingie.

Professor Paca. Nice ring to it.

And, uh, all men do seem to do that thing where they expect the women in their loves to know where their stuff is. Oddly enough, I usually DO know. I hate that part - or - I love that part- depending on the day.

Robin S. said...

OK, that was supposed to be 'lives' not 'loves'. If only I could type. Oh well.

Mamaebeth said...

yes those are both still funny, the one about sea life less so than the first time i read it.

pacatrue said...

Good to hear. I too thought the sea life one took a little too much time to get going. But I'm nothing if not long-winded.