Monday, January 14, 2008


I'm really quite sick with a fever and now headache and shivers. I managed to get through teaching the semester's first class this morning, and then I've spent almost the entire day laying on the floor of my office in a fetal position. I'd go home, but I really don't want to miss the first class. Ugh. It's in one of our labs, and the lab has an air conditioner. My office is set on 79 degrees and it's frigid. I'm going to die in that room. I think I will spend much of the evening on the bed.

UPDATE: So I seem to have a fever mostly with an all over body ache and small sore throat. I basically got in bed yesterday at 5:30 PM and have only periodically left it. Right now I'm doped up on DayQuil, but I might go to straight tylenol later. I won't be going into school/work today, and we will have to see about tomorrow. I haven't gone to the doctor yet. If I don't get better by today, I might do that tomorrow.

UPDATE2: I am better today, but not well. I was able to get out of bed this morning, drive people to their destinations, and buy a new 7-Up at the store and then come home. However, that wiped me out again for another hour. Overall, I still have ups and downs but the ups are much better and the downs are not quite so bad. Since I am better, I'm still just staying home and resting and drinking.


bunnygirl said...

I'm sorry, Paca! What do you think it is? Everyone here in Houston seems to have a sinus infection. Does your face hurt?

Robin S. said...

Honey- you need some meds to get through this. Is there an infirmary close? Does your face hurt? Your throat?

At the very LEAST - take something like Tylenol Cold/Flu Non-Drowsy, and, as the nurses say, "force fluids", meaning, suck down the water or the Sprite, my dear, and do it now, please! fluids make all the difference.

Ok- I'm a mom-type. I can't help it.

And check back in and tell us how you're doing, right?

Robin S. said...

Call the office there - ask some other over-40 woman like me for meds. You can bet- one of them has some. I keep them in my purse. It's the curse of motherhood. Always be prepared.

SzélsőFa said...

Get well soon, Paca!

I'm gleaming with joy!!!
I've done the Animals quiz 10/10 without any google help :)
as a lover of dogs I like this result very, very much :)

writtenwyrdd said...

I think some tylenol and anap might be helpful, but I know how it is where there's something that needs to be done.

I was at Schofield Barracks during th ewinter, and I can remember how damp and cold it felt at 60 degrees after being in the tropics for a year. My sympathies.

Precie said...

Get thee to a doctor! Get some good drugs! And do what Robin said!

Robin S. said...

OK- have you checked? Are you running a fever? It's the next day there now - early - so - be good, drink, drink, drink water or decaf soda or whatever you can stomach.
And take something. It's counterproductive to be what men laughingly think of as "strong".

Courtney said...

awe..................big brother, take care of ur self! hope u feel beter soon :-(

Ello said...

Poor Paca! Get plenty of sleep and rest rest REST!

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Robin S. said...

How are you doing today? Any better? Been to the doctor?

Precie said...

Hey, any better? If not, the reason you haven't updated better be that you went to the doctor today! Go! Get some antibiotics!

Robin S. said...

OK- I have two, no, make that three questions and then I swear I won't bug you any more about it.

1-Still running a fever?

2-Sore throat?

3-If yes to #2, been to the doctor to get a throat swab in case of strep?