Monday, January 21, 2008

From "a virus" to pneumonia

Unfortunately, I can't put quotes around pneumonia. I went back in today and that's what they say it developed into. Now I have an antibiotic and robitussin with codeine to wipe me out at night. And my first "doctor's note" in probably, I don't know, 10 or 20 years. I had rather serious pneumonia when I was in 9th grade that put me in the school infirmary for two weeks. I'm going to approach two weeks this time as well, I think.

Can I ask for a "Do Over" on this semester?

Oh, good news. My fever is down to 101 from almost 103.


bunnygirl said...

Wow, when you get sick, you really overachieve, don't you? As an asthmatic, I dread lung ailments of any kind. You're living my nightmare.

Hang in there, Paca!

Robin S. said...

Dammit. They should've given you an antibiotic earlier on, if they didn't know definitively what you had.

I didn't realize your fever was still that high!

Keep quaffing those fluids.

If they give you strong enough antibiotics, you can nip the pneumonia pretty quickly. That was my experience with my older daughter.

SzélsőFa said...

Poor paca. Pneumonia sucks. I hope you get well, but it won't go away easily. (I had pneumonia once.)

Precie said...

I'm with robin on this. Grrr! And keep drinking (non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic) fluids!

Get well soon!

Robin S. said...

By the way- watch that codeine. It causes nausea in some people. Many people, actually.

The Anti-Wife said...

Pneumonia is serious. Be sure to take all those drugs and take good care of yourself.

McKoala said...

Poor paca! You're properly sick. Hope you get better soon.

katze said...

Doh. I've been down the pneumonia road a few times myself, and it ain't pretty. Rest up, drink lots and lots of fluid, and don't overexert yourself. Feel better soon!

moonrat said...

:( feel better soon.

or hayaku naoshite ne, as they say.

word verification: zuymugzi!

December/Stacia said...

Eep, I hope you're feeling better now!

Robin S. said...

We need a fever update.

Church Lady said...

I thought I posted something sensitive here but I guess not.

Man, I feel bad. Yes, it's all about me now. Feeling bad and guilty. How can I get over this guilt?
I know! Go to my blog and party and forget everything else!
Great idea!

(seriously, take care of yourself. This is nothing to take lightly. Even when you're feeling better, you still need proper rest.)