Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I have "a virus"

When last night's improvements disappeared more and more all day long, I finally got my act together, stopped being "a guy", and went to see a doctor. Also, my mother called and told me to go. I went to an urgent care clinic in Waikiki, and it was the nicest "urgent care" place I've ever seen. It's just one doc, one nurse/receptionist, and that's it. I was in within 5 minutes.

My temp was a little under 103, so not shabby and that was probably low as I had taken some Tylenol about an hour earlier. He thought maybe the flu, but the culture came back negative. He then declared it was "a virus" and that I should come back on Friday if the fever didn't go down. In the meantime, take tylenol every 4 hours, drink fluids, and rest. So we're back to what I've been doing.

We'll see.


bunnygirl said...

Well, that sucks. Not much you can do about a virus. Elderberry is supposed to be good, as is oil of oregano, but my personal experience is that it's mainly a psychological boost. "Look-- I'm doing something about it!"

Of course, when you're miserable, a psychological lift is nothing to reject out of hand...

Sammy Jankis said...

See? That is why a guy should never bother going to the doctor. They just tell you to go home and suffer! As every self-respecting guy knows before they even go!

Precie said...

Hmm. I know lots of doctors are being tasked with more stringent guidelines about antibiotics...but I've got to say...Sounds like you might have a sinus infection by now. Which would benefit from antibiotics.

Well, if I set aside my completely unqualified medical opinion, I just want to say REST and drink plenty of WATER. Feel better soon!

Robin S. said...

Well, I'm glad you went in. Did he do the throat swab?

I agree with precie, just because you have a viral infection, and antibiotics, of course, are pointless, doesn't mean you don't have some sort of secondary bacterial infection as well.

Frankly, a fever of 103 in a man, after having taken Tylenol, is a pretty good-sized fever. So- even if you think you're gonna pee yourself into oblivion, keep sucking down the fluids - (use no articially sweetened drinks, no caffeinated drinks) and keep drinking. Loads. And keep taking the fever reducer, as they mentioned. And don't cover up too much, even if you're chilling. Just a light blanket. And, if you're one of those guys who covers up their heads under a blanket, this is the time to break that habit, sweetie.

Feel better.

Ello said...

Poor Paca! I hate viruses! Terrible horrible things. Plus there is nothing anyone can do about them. Little bastards. Feel better soon!

Precie said...

Improvement today?

Church Lady said...

Hope you feel better.
My advice would be to stop putting your fingers in your mouth (oh wait, that's my kids)