Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A New Hampshire thought or two

I had not consciously realized that I was pulling for Obama for President. I don't really have a horse in the race yet, and the only person I was sort of pulling for was Bill Richardson. Here's a post I did on him back in April. However, when Obama didn't score 1st place tonight in New Hampshire I found myself disappointed. So then I started to think about why I was pulling for him, as I really have nothing against Clinton.**

It's because I think Clinton would be a fine Democratic President. We'd see the Dem party of the last 10-20 years fairly competently run. As I'm Democratic leaning, that should be fine. But if Obama were to win, I think we'd have a chance to change the parties themselves. That's even more appealing.

**The only thing I do have against a Clinton Presidency is Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush-Clinton-Clinton? One could conceivably go from 1988 until 2016 with the same two families in charge. Communist (Really nowadays just Oligarchical) China changes its leader's surname more often. I am well aware this isn't Hillary's fault, but it still bugs me.**


December/Stacia said...

I think Obama would be far less divisive. A chance to start fresh without so many old resentments.

Precie said...

I agree with you both!

Robin S. said...

Yep. I'm Clintoned out, to be honest. And I have other issues as well, on that one.

Obama seems like a breath of fresh air. Hope he really is.

katze said...

Oh! Me too! I was totally about to blog this. I didn't think I was rooting for anyone until I found myself vaguely disappointed that Obama didn't win. But I have not arrived at any sort of insight as to why that is... yet.

Church Lady said...

You already know I'm voting for Obama because Oprah told me to.

(Fox News had a segment on Obama's family in Kenya. Dear God, that was really bad. They played it like 'his tribe' was watching and waiting for him to become president. I hate Fox)