Monday, January 07, 2008

Prizes and the next contest

Alright, so we have at least two winners to the Paca Pick'em College Bowl Spectacular and it ends tonight, so I might need to come up with a prize now. After much contemplation, I have decided that winners shall receive Okinawan mochi with some sort of Hawaiian-themed filling. If you aren't familiar with mochi,it's just sweet rice flour that you can then make desserts from. Now, honestly, I've never done mochi before, but gumbo doesn't ship very well. I will taste the mochi before shipping it, so if it's super nasty, I will go buy a can of macadamia nuts or something instead. Anyone want a bag of dried squid snacks? I'm also watching B this week so it will give us a project for some afternoon.

If you don't feel comfortable giving me your land address in an email, we can come up with something else. I am open to sneaky things like shipping it to another trusted person who ships it to you or some such. Jill is already one of our winners and since she had to ship banana bread to me as a present last year, she can testify that I have not yet stalked her, though I did have to get a restraining order against her. I will email you from my pacatrue address once the winners are finalized.

Now, the next contest!!!

People keep asking for one. Yahoo doesn't seem to have much of anything else right now. However, March Madness is just a couple months away and I declare that to be our next competition. I learned about this Yahoo fantasy stuff by joining in Jill's March Madness pool on Yahoo last year, my first ever sports pool, which I -- ahem -- won by riding Florida all the way to the national championship. We've emailed a bit and agreed that I will again be the commish (which takes a LOT of work let me tell you) and she will try to browbeat her blog readers into joining the pool here, so it might be a bigger affair (though I have a feeling most people joined it because they like Jill, not because they like sports pools). As for prizes, perhaps there is a way for us to pool our resources for something? I didn't have money in mind, but I am open to all of your creative ideas. After all, you're all supposed to be writers.

If people have thoughts for closer contests, such as a Super Bowl something or other, yell. Yahoo just won't do it for us.



Robin S. said...

Hi paca-

I'm sitting here watching a football game because of this fun contest of yours. My daughter's boyfriend is so shocked that she and I are watching a game, he looks (on Skype) like he's suffering from a bad case of suspended animation. We're having fun.

Count me in for the next contest- so glad you're doing one!

I'll be happy to contribute to/for prize goodies.

Mamaebeth said...

interesting. i pretty much just picked teams based on factors that have nothing to do with football. and i got 16 out of 32. i am pretty pumped. hello statistical probablity.

McKoala said...

Yay, we're doing it again! Thank you, o great commish.

DH does a football pool in which every loser has to buy a prize for the winner; there's some way of doing it for second and third too, but can't remember what. Prizes are of the losers' choice, but they are reasonably kind.

Precie said...

Contest junkie here! Bring it on!

Ello said...

OMG - Mochi or macadamia nuts?!!! You can have my address anytime!

Anyway, I'm totally in for March Madness - used to be part of the office pool all the time and miss it. don't mind a little money but won't mind pooling for prizes either.

Thanks for a fun time!

Sammy Jankis said...

Might I suggest a daily contest?

You can set up a daily trivia tournament with rotating topics. I would set one up myself and invite you but you have more readers. If you scroll down to build a tournament and select "create my own tournament" it will walk you through the steps.

Kristy and I play one of these set up by another internet acquaintance. You have an opportunity for bragging rights every day of the week!