Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sickness update

As much as I find blog post after blog post about being sick not exactly a crowd-pleaser, I also get that posting "I have pneumonia" and then nothing else for several days is not the best way to make your friends not worry about you.

Anyway, I am getting better. The fever really seems to have gone down now. I ate a full dinner and a mediocre lunch and small meals three times the day before. I'm not back to my usual piggy self, but I don't lie around shivering and such. This is of course great. I seem to be left with the lungs part of the illness. I get coughing fits a lot and I can't breathe deeply. Overall, I'm still super low in energy and mostly want to lie around. I have a sub for my classes this week and right now don't plan on going in at all. I really hope to be up and going by Monday again, however.

I sure wouldn't mind a Do Over on this semester.


SzélsőFa said...

your first paragraph gave me some really good laughs, Paca.
I'm glad to hear that things are getting better!
Keep up the recovering!

Robin S. said...

You're right. Your friends DO want to know how you're doing! It was good to see little guy's birthday going off without a hitch. Must mean you're feeling better, which is great.

Is your temperature down to almost normal now? I know you already have your own mom, and a very nice wife, but I'd be remiss as your buddy if I didn't remind yu to take your full course of antibiotics. And, by the way, I'm STILL pissed off they waited so long to give them to you. Asses.

writtenwyrdd said...

Sheesh, I lay off blogging for a couple days and find out you've taken a nose dive! Glad you are doing better. I found chest infections in tropical humidity were misery personified. Hope it isn't that way for you.

writtenwyrdd said...

BTW, they do wait longer for antibiotics now because they gave so many out like frigging candy that now they have to wait as long as possible to avoid encouraging stronger bugs.